You Are Powerful Beyond Measure!

Totally relate…so much of the work I have done in ACA combined with a gifted therapist relates directly. Namaste

Lessons from birds and wildlife

I feel a special affinity with the Least Bittern.

This guy is often described as “elusive”, and his camouflage and furtive behaviour make him one of the toughest birds to spot in the wild. The least bittern hangs out in wetland marshes, and he freezes in place with his bill pointing up when startled. Sometimes he even sways to resemble the wind-blown reeds, becoming  nearly invisible to predators (not to mention intrusive photographers!).

I almost walked right past this one:

Why do I identify with this bird?

I, too, have often felt invisible. For a big chunk of my life, I played the role of a timid wallflower, doubting my beauty, strength and talents. Wanting to hide, yet all the while craving attention and validation. (Hang out in any 12-Step room, and you’ll hear the same recurring theme.)

I remember when I first read this passage by Marianne Williamson in her…

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Going out on a limb

Lessons from birds and wildlife

Roseate Spoonbill lands on a limb

I watched this beautiful roseate spoonbill fly over the marsh at Green Cay and land on a dead tree. The branch was way up high, and I could barely see the bird with my 200 lens. The clouds were dramatic in the background, and I thought:

Sometimes you have to go out on a limb to see the beauty beyond the clouds.

How often have I been tempted to give up and throw in the towel when the going gets rough and all looks dark? “Hang in there,” the bird seems to be saying, “keep going forward, one step at a time. Your faith will give you wings to lift you if you fall. The view is beautiful from up here, and the sun is shining behind the clouds!”

Thank you, Rosie, for that reminder. There’s always light beyond the most ominous cloud.

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The heart of forgiveness

Jack is a wonderful teacher…

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

A video with Jack Kornfield dealing with the issue of forgiveness in our lives.

This is a very sophisticated treatment that looks at many of the questions people have when contemplating the forgiveness of those who’ve harmed us, sometimes very badly.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Books to enjoy by Jack Kornfield are here:

More posts with Jack Kornfield on Beyond Meds here.

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